Best Chef Equipment

Best Chef Knives:


During my tenure as a Chef, cook, whatever you want to call me. I had the opportunity to use a lot of Chef knives. Some of the Chef knives were great, others were horrible. I wanted to take a moment to list the top 5 chef knives that I have personally used. Feel free to ask questions about others, I will only answer if I have used the knife in question.

Top Cook Books For Any Level Of Chef:


There is a lot of advice I would want to give young cooks. One of the biggest is read. Read all the books you can on food, technique and the Best Chefs! It seems odd, shouldn’t you spend all your time in the kitchen if you want to get good at cooking?


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Top Baking Books For Chefs


While working at the Herbfarm I was placed in charge of the bread program. At any time I was feeding 4-5 different starters (including a gluten free starter). We made everything from Epi, to Pan De Campagne(even a very good rye sourdough!). We used rye, barely, spelt, red winter wheat, and everything in between. It was one of my favorite tasks. It is funny, because a couple years prior I recall trying to make some loaves at another establishment and failing miserably. These books helped teach me how to improve my bread baking skills.

Best Power Tools and Gadgets For Chefs


Shout out to anyone who grew up with Tim the Tool Man Taylor. He had a love for power tools that knew no bounds. He would stick a V6 engine on your garbage disposer so you could both get rid of unwanted food and drive yourself to work. Power tools are the big guns, the large mama jamas…ok I will stop…but if you want to know the cool gadgets that chefs love. Check out this post!

My Favorite Ice Cream Machines


It really isn’t very hard to make ice cream base! Plus, if you have ever gone to the store, and not seen a flavor you think might taste good. Guess what, you can make it! So why not make a fun project on a sunny day!

The problem of course is how do you take a creamy liquid base and freeze it?

Ice cream machines vary anywhere from a 50$ Cuisine art standard freeze core to a 5,500$ Paco Jet. With such vastly varying prices, it can be a little confusing as an end-user to what the quality of the product will be after the work is said and done.

Now I have used all sorts of Ice Cream machines. Classic gelato machines, frozen cores, paco jets and a few others. Each of these had their own benefits and flaws. Sometimes it just happened to be price, other times final product. Now if you have never made ice cream before, perhaps it would not be wise to buy the 5000$ dollar paco jet. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It may just be better to start out with 200$ cuisineart first.

Best Boning Knives For Chefs



Let’s say you walk into your walk-in and you see this beast sitting there. What knife are you going to pick to break it down? Well, if you are Chef Holly Smith, you might pick a pairing knife(maybe you’re laughing…but it’s a true story).

What is great about these knives, is that most are under 100$ knives. Some of these knives are even well under 50$. The most important thing for a boning knife in my mind is flexibility and sharpness. Some cheaper knives are actually much better at having a flexible blade compared to some of the harder German steels.



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