Thoughts On My New Website

So as we posted recently. Our site has moved. With hat has come plenty of extra work. Trying to rework marketing, trying to figure out if our actual logo is correct. It has all been super stressful. It makes us think a lot.

During this time of reflection, we have a few thoughts we want to share!

Thank those who have helped!

Our new site has a new logo! This is because of the artistic abilities of the owner of RogueRens. She is an amazing artist. We came to her with no idea what we wanted….and somehow, she gave us exactly what we needed.

A great logo that really brings our site to the next level.

We have also had a few ghost writers help write a few articles. Thank goodness! It is so time consuming to keep writing new articles. Our team is quite small. So occasionally, we fall behind.

Do it Right the First Time

It has been an epic struggle for our team to move over everything from our old site. In fact, we are still doing it. Our team is a group of part timers, who don’t always have time to work on building our site. 86ed is still running at half speed. We don’t make any money really (half pennies on the hour at best). So most of the work is volunteer. We have been spending a lot of time trying to move things over. That means editing our work, because it really wasn’t so hot the first time, making new pages, reworking images, etc. Sigh, so much work.

Take Time to Rest

Working on a blog takes a lot of work. So breath, take some time off occasionally. Otherwise, your team will burn out. Especially if they have jobs and families. No one needs to work too much!

Keep the Passion Fresh

Always work to keep the passion alive. A blog, like anything else has pits and valleys. Sometimes, you just have to put a little extra work into things and other times you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Wherever you are in your blogs lifecycle, keep things alive. Find fun new stories, and new ideas. Just experiment. In the beginning, and the end! just have fun.

Keep Up, Read Up

There is a lot to learn in the blogging world. It is a skill like any other. You have to practice the skill and read up on how to be better at it. We have a food blog, you may have another blog. Whatever it may be, blogs all work about the same. Learn all you can!

Thank you to everyone who supported us here!

Read some great how-to for blogs! And Make sure to Check out 86ed Chef!

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